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It’s a PEOPLE thing

As we start to grow, the team behind Giganeer continue to inspire and impress me with their tireless enthusiasm, their incredible hunger to solve problems and to deliver exceptional solutions that have lead to real tangible business value. Savings of £7m per year for bought-in costs for one large client is clearly amazing. But equally, it’s the multitude of small wins at the SME level that also inspire me every day!

I’d therefore like to use this space to showcase just 2 of our very select Giganeers. Each very different, but both truly inspiring and great, British Engineers. Often the unsung heroes that we should be proud of, not just for their individual work for British manufacturing thus far, but for the innovation they still demonstrate and showcase today. Their agile forward-facing “can-do” attitude and their undiminished and wonderful sense of humour and zest for life is truly inspirational.

So here's to you both:

Craig: Started in Rolls Royce as an apprentice in 1992 and spent 30 years rising through the ranks. From aero-engine inspection, through fitting and then onto full project, people and process management, Craig and his team ensured ongoing business aero-engine compliance whilst also tightly managing costs and budgets. Being the prime interface with the end client, his credibility was pivotal to the subsequent business success and has led him onto a new executive customer-facing role within a leading global brand of heavy duty plant for the construction sector.

Martin: Martin began his career at Nissan as a manufacturing engineer on the machining of cylinder head, camshafts, and intake manifolds. Having showcased his skills, he was drafted-into a cross-functional team alongside the purchase dept and set about extending lean manufacturing techniques within the wider Nissan European Supplier base with the aims of reducing cost and minimising waste within the total manufacturing supply chain. Latterly, Martin has been involved in the world of offshore oil and gas, supporting the set-up and maintenance of quality management systems to ensure ongoing compliance in this heavily regulated sector.


Retaining skills like these of Craig and Martin within our workspace will become increasingly important for us as the skills-gap widens. Projections for 250k un-filled engineering vacancies within the next 3 years are very real. We really do need to find new ways to retain skills, harness their energies and develop a completely new apprentice pathway so that we can nurture, grow and inspire the next generation of engineers to become even better than we ever were! Now that's a mission, vision and a value I think we can all subscribe to...

If you’d like to know more about Craig, Martin or Giganeer, please reach out to us @ or call us on 03301658998 Thankyou.