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TOP 5 SME Questions About Fractional Working

We understand our fractional engagement process needs to seamlessly integrate into your own processes to ensure our success.

So here are the top 5 questions we get asked from manufacturing and engineering CEOs which we'd like to share with you below:

Q1: How can we ensure that our Giganeer(s) are skilled and experienced enough to perform the tasks we need them to?

When engaging with any fractional workers, it's important to thoroughly vet their credentials and experience to ensure they are a good fit for your organization. Well Giganeer specializes in "hand-picked" high-end engineering skills ONLY. We are dedicated solely to the engineering and manufacturing sectors. We are here to help you find the right talent, and to deliver business value quickly, reliably and effectively.

Q2: How can we maintain consistent communication and collaboration with our Giganeers who may be working remotely or on a different schedule than our full-time employees?

As you will already have established, pre-built and clear expectations and protocols in place for your full-time staff, likewise Giganeer has systems and processes but built around fractional teams. As previously mentioned, we only work with proven / time-served professionals who have already demonstrated best practices in their field of expertise. We only engage Giganeers who have previously displayed high levels of trust, who have proactively demonstrated excellent "people-skills" and have already sensitively delivered projects alongside full-time and part-time employees.

We also deploy systems and collaborative tools such as cloud based and share-able project management software for real-time data capture and ensure regular face-to-face video conferencing to facilitate best practice and communication.

Q3: How can we protect our intellectual property and trade secrets when working with Giganeer?

To protect your intellectual property and trade secrets, our early-stage engagement often requires us to work together on a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. We have our own 2 or 3-way NDA's but are also happy to work with customer supplied agreements, as and when necessary.

Together, we can also construct a plan to limit access/exposure to sensitive information on a need-to-know or "role-based-access-control (RBAC)". This we can monitor real-time to ensure ongoing data security and compliance at all times.

Q4: How can we ensure that Giganeers are aligned with our company culture and values?

To ensure all of our Giganeers are aligned with your company culture and values, we encourage them to engage in team meetings as well as corporate-wide events too. We often deploy a version of your client-owned on-boarding (training and orientation) to help our team best understand your organization's mission and values. Where possible we also arrange social as well as other work-related gatherings to build team cohesion and rapport.

Q5: How can we balance the benefits of a fractional approach, such as flexibility and cost savings, with the potential risks and challenges?

It's also crucially important to have a clear strategy in place for how we together will manage and coordinate fractional workers. At Giganeer, we manage this process so you don't have to!

We openly and regularly monitor performance and outcomes and share data with you real-time to ensure that the fractional engagement approach is delivering the desired results.


Giganeer was purposefully designed to support SME's in this NEW World. Providing business leaders with another important key to unlock business growth, but done with modern collaborative agility & flexibility. A truly NEW & novel National network of skilled engineers available to industry that otherwise would have been unavailable, delivering real business value at the local level and at scale! That's Giganeer.

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