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In partnership with MTDCNC & FactoryNOW, our very own Jem Drew sat down with Paul Jones, CEO of MTDCNC and Gio Albanese, Sales Director MTDCNC & FactoryNOW, for a frank and open discussion on how the external workforce could be leveraged to help manufacturing and engineering SME's.

With skills now scarce and at a premium, the need to think beyond the traditional "employed" model has never been greater!

The podcast discusses the origins of Giganeer and the need for "On-Demand" skills within the sector. Engineering skills that are accessible, available and affordable.

The idea of "parachuting-in" skills for just as long as is needed to get the work done, is not unusual within the construction or IT service sectors... So why should engineering be different?

The discussion revolves around a balanced plan of fully employed engineers being complemented by a "skills-on-demand" approach. An agile and flexible workforce with independent freelance Giganeers providing the additional resources, but only for as long as is needed. No recurring overheads nor long-term commitment.

The model of a fast engagement powering a "flywheel" ensures project delivery and performance are fully aligned to your business outcomes. And with fast engagements lasting just a few days up to 8 weeks, ensures a laser-like focus on delivery! Maximum return at the lowest possible cost, not only provides best value to manufacturing client but "frees-up" the Giganeer talent to begin work on the next project. This external workforce maximizes the ROI for both the client and the Giganeer alike. A new agile workforce set for the 21st Century!

Giganeer was purposefully designed to support SME's in this NEW World. Providing business leaders with another important key to unlock business growth, but done with modern collaborative agility & flexibility. A truly NEW & novel National network of skilled engineers available to industry that otherwise would have been unavailable, delivering real business value at the local level and at scale! That's Giganeer.

Giganeer - The UK's External Engineering Workforce

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