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YOUR "Flexible Workforce"
Impactful Engineering Delivery
Proven, Measurable & Accountable
Time-Served, Hand-Picked Professionals
Available to you RIGHT NOW! 
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Conventional / Rigid Business Structures have been left wanting over recent years.
We need modern, malleable business structures built around:

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Recruit? - Gig? - Contract?

Recruitment nor Contracting have kept pace with modern business needs.

So how can we build a truly agile and resilient workforce?

Is there a better way?

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Our Unique Approach?
"Giganeer is neither recruitment nor contracting...
We occupy that unique, "untapped" space in the middle...
YOUR Flexible Workforce!
Just like having an engaged, "full-time" staff member on-hand...
...but only on your books for just as much time as YOU need to get the job / "gig" done!
A NEW professional B2B engagement where results are measured / meaningful, and where accountability / responsibility for a successful "gig" delivery are at the heart of the contract.  
No fixed-overhead, no recurring costs, no HR-issues or hire/redundancy fees and no employment RISK.
High level engineering "Skills On-Demand", and just for when you need them.
YOUR Flexible Workforce!"
Jem Drew - CEO

To  find out a little more About Us
Or if you'd like a no-obligation discussion about building your flexible workforce, please reach out to us below: