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Changing the way Engineering is delivered for the 21st Century!

Giganeer is the UK's leading cloud-based Freelance Engineering Community
We have qualified engineers on-hand to deliver your next short-term project
Whether onsite or fully remote, we're always off-payroll & available on-demand
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"Accessing skills, beyond 30 miles of your address"

Our prime aim is to Internationalize the provision, access and delivery of the very best engineers and technical talent available. 

Whether you are an SME or larger enterprise, Giganeer offers you unique access to a larger professional cloud connected International talent pool, not previously available through conventional recruitment or independent freelancing agencies.

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"Freelancing that's aligned to your business outcomes..."

As we migrate from the traditional Engineer to Giganeer, we prefer to operate the fixed-price contract / "gig" model so that we're fully aligned to your business outcomes.

From the very start of our engagement, we help define your needs in terms of scope, deliverables, timeframes, invoice milestones and clear success criteria. And that's it! Results-driven outcomes with no added / recurring overhead!

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As our freelance engineers can now control and highly personalize their own dynamic work-life balance, the community workspace "re-opens" the "once-closed-door":

For those professional engineers with young families who wish to remain actively engaged, they can now mix remote freelance "gig" working alongside their family life.

Likewise, mature/time-served engineers who may have otherwise been lost to early retirement are retained. Reducing the attrition rate in Engineering directly addresses the dominant driver behind the the rapidly increasing skills-shortage!

IMPROVING the ENGINEER experience 

Creating a truly supportive and active community environment, Giganeer has become a "melting pot" for ideas and creativity, networking and partnering.

Taking time-served engineers and "buddying-them-up" with freshly qualified engineers is one example where the magic happens. The positive outcomes multiply way beyond the local delivery to deliver a truly National effect.

The team at Giganeer look forward to working on your next assignment.

Jem Drew - Founder

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