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2030 SKILLS – Closing The Gap

Thanks to for this insightful report that provides both a current and future-state overview on the skills requirements of UK manufacturing.

The nature of the workplace today has evolved within a matter of a few years. Although accelerated by recent world and National events, the direction of travel has been evident for decades. However it's the pace of change that has hit us all quite hard. It showcases the need for even the most stalwart of manufacturing businesses to adapt to change and build agility into their future-facing plans for growth and not just profit and efficiency.

You might imagine that large businesses are where this should all begin. However with 99% of UK businesses now employing less than 50 employees, our workspaces are smaller and much more distributed than ever making it even harder for businesses to hire the right skills within a 30 mile radius!

This time around, we cannot just follow history. We can't just hire our way out of the problem. We need a new way... But how do we get more from less?

Well the executive team at Giganeer purposefully built a National collective of engineers who possess these highly refined / limited availability skills, and then we looked at redeploying them back down at the local level. A new highly skilled and highly flexible contingent workforce available on-demand.

Matching the right skills with the specific local need and then delivering engineering to SME's in short bursts / sprints. This delivery mechanism makes the whole process affordable & targeted. A non-recurring overhead, Giganeers are engaged only for as-long-as-YOU-need and not a moment longer! No recurring overheads nor HR issues.

On the other side of the equation, these short term contracts allow Giganeers to deliver other high level business outcomes across many multiples of UK sites through-out the year! A way of getting more from less! A true distribution-led redeployment of skills/assets to help level-up Britain's manufacturing industry as a whole!

Giganeer was purposefully designed to support SME's in this NEW World. Providing business leaders with another important key to unlock business growth, but done with modern collaborative agility & flexibility. A truly NEW & novel National network of ekilled engineers available to industry that otherwise would have been unavailable, delivering real business value at the local level and at scale! That's Giganeer.

Pay-As-You-Go ENGINEERS On-Demand.

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