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In partnership with MTDCNC & FactoryNOW, our team met up with Nil Chohan, Operations & Technical Director at Instinct Hardware to see how utilizing the external workforce has helped grow their business, move faster and create more value!

Lacking in internal bandwidth to work on projects from his "To-Do" list, Nil decided to partner with Giganeer. As the leaders in out-sourced engineering talent. Giganeer provided some very specific, proven skills that Nil needed at that moment and "On-Demand" so no wait time!

Let's take a look at what happened next:

Giganeer was purposefully designed to support SME's in this NEW agile business world. Providing business leaders with another important key to unlock business growth, but done with modern collaborative agility & flexibility. A truly NEW & novel National network of skilled engineers available to industry that otherwise would have been unavailable, delivering real business value at the local level and at scale! That's Giganeer.

Giganeer - The UK's External Engineering Workforce

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