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Are you looking in the wrong pool?

McKinsey is undoubtedly one of the leading resources for insight and paving the future direction for business leaders.

I recently posted one of their excellent articles on LinkedIn (see below) showcasing that nearly 40% of the available workforce today, expects more than just a traditional employer : employee engagement.

The article discusses these changes, develops 5 unique workforce personas and suggests practical ways that business can re-evaluate their employee value propositions.

But it's hard, especially for SME's to attract and pivot to these ever changing needs. And that's where Giganeer provides an alternative to hiring/contracting. We've built a National Engineering Support Community to help support SME's that engages these 40% engineers but within the gig-economy our Giganeers with autonomy/purpose whilst delivering significant business outcomes for industry and at an affordable level, with no recurring overheads and no HR issues...

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McKinsey Article LinkedIn Aug 10 2022