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Giganeer NEW website launch
Our new website launch!

Giganeer NEW website launch

Giganeer has been a business in the making for some while now, and finally, I'm really proud and honoured that we now have a proper place in space! The idea that when Engineers come together, amazing things happen, Giganeer takes to another level!

Giganeer offers a truly unique workspace where not only amazing things happen, but also we act as a delivery vehicle for Engineers to operate freelance within the NEW "gig" economy. Breaking down our activities into a series of short-term project sprints / "gigs", these can be delivered locally, but via some of the very best Engineers in Industry, available to all businesses, totally agnostic to whether you are a large multinational or small 2 or 3 man band.

Just imagine having access to as many engineers as you need! On-demand!

Seriously we have a huge network of engineering talent available for you to pull-on and access. From CAD design through to Chemical Engineering, there's a skillset here for you.

So how do we work? The steps typically look a little like this:

  • "ALIGN & DEFINE" VIDEO-CALL (to asses the "gig" viability)
  • "GIG"- SOW(Statement of Work) created, invoiced
  • GIGANEER introduced and delivery commences
  • "MILESTONES" passed, ending with  "GIG COMPLETION", invoiced

Our process is built for simplicity and invoiced against deliverables. We always aim to remove the time-base from our model as we are "gig"-based. So you won't have costs that spiral out of control. This is why the initial "GIG" SOW  (Statement of Work) is our unique point of difference and is intrinsic to our mutual sucess.

We really do look forward to working beside you to accelerate your business outcomes and help tubo-charge your future success.